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"In Giving In" is now on Fm Radio Stations across the U.S. 

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Decembers Fall

    Decembers Fall Featured Music Building Artist December 2014







       Something fresh, dark and vibrant is brewing in Hell's Kitchen. That something is the soaring vocals, skull pounding riffs and thick driving rhythm section of DECEMBERS FALL, NYC's ROCK & ROLL SPECTACULAR! With their debut album “AWAKENING” hot off the presses, the foursome have made it perfectly clear they are here to rock faces. And, the faces are definitely being ROCKED!

       Having been dragged through the trenches of the NYC underground rock scene, they learned the hard way that not everyone in the business will be on your side. DECEMBERS FALL pumped their rock fists in the air an struck back. They built their own studio, produced, and  engineered  "AWAKENING"A whirling 15 song album, packed with explosive bursts of energy throughout, while carving in and out of melodic elegance. They transformed the idea to create their very own unique and expressive voice into real pure music. Avoiding the cliches of the majority of music flooding today's mainstream airwaves.

        Metal with melodies, pop with rock, alternative meets progressive... whatever it is you want to label DECEMBERS FALL's daring debut, these four east coast pioneers are taking the east coast by storm! One could only imagine what is next for such a hard working and self motivated rock band.

LISTEN, LOVE and ENJOY the commotion that will soon be sweeping across the states!




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